Health & Medical: Bullying Demystified!

Bullying Demystified!

A child comes home and reports that he was bullied at school. The thought of going back to school the next day and facing the dreaded bully would be no less than terrifying and traumatizing. Bullies can have such a profound impact on their victims that it could affect their learning, instill fear th

Health & Medical: Why Everybody Is Getting Fond of Toy Figurines

Why Everybody Is Getting Fond of Toy Figurines

When Walt Disney Pictures released the movie "Toy Story" in 1995, it instantly became a hit. It became a top-grossing film on its opening weekend. The animated movie subsequently earned $191 million in North America and $360 million worldwide. The success of Toy Story lies in its criticall

Health & Medical: Inflatable Castle

Inflatable Castle

When we were children, we heard so many fairy tales about prince and princess. Maybe girls had dreamed that they were the princess.

Health & Medical: Getting Help For Troubled Teens - When and Where to Go

Getting Help For Troubled Teens - When and Where to Go

When your teenager starts to get out of hand you have to ask yourself some hard questions. The first step is to honestly evaluate how you think you're doing when communicating with your teen. Do you feel you are sharing valuable information and time? Or do you feel there is a communication gap

Health & Medical: Lego Bricks As an Educational Tool

Lego Bricks As an Educational Tool

On January 28, 1958, a patent was recorded that would change family floors forever. On that decisive day, the Lego block was conceived. From that point forward, in excess of 400 billion Lego elements have been made (an unimaginable 62 bricks for each individual on the planet!), and give or take 7 Le

Health & Medical: Stock Market Indices Interpretation

Stock Market Indices Interpretation

One of the most widely used terms in present day life is 'stock market'. Booming economy and increased disposable income catapulted stocks as a key investment option and hence stock markets, its movement is assuming greater significance in our lives. Stock market indices present the trend

Health & Medical: Webkinz Bath

Webkinz Bath

Do you need some advice on how to help a sick Webkinz?Don't worry, your pet may just need a bath.Find out how keeping your Webkinz clean can also keep them healthy and strong.

Health & Medical: School Girl Outfit for a Costume Party

School Girl Outfit for a Costume Party

It has always been nice seeing children wear their school outfits. Other than it makes us see that the world is finally in tune when the kids are around, it makes us see discipline and loyalty to one's alma mater. However, a school boy outfit or a school girl outfit can also be worn as a costum

Health & Medical: A Pet Dinosaur for Your Child?

A Pet Dinosaur for Your Child?

Most children, at some point have an interest in dinosaurs. And it is not only the kids that take an interest in the prehistoric creatures, but many adults love dinosaurs and their mystery too. Dinosaurs are now extinct so children can let their imaginations run wild with whatever they think about d

Health & Medical: Parenting Teens

Parenting Teens

The teenage years can be a nightmare for many parents. This is the time they are likely to feel impotent, frustrated, useless and powerless. However, they really don't have to be too painful or unnerving, neither do they even have to happen that way. In fact, what causes the most angst in paren

Health & Medical: Teen Bible Study

Teen Bible Study

It's hard to be a teenager, and it's even harder to be a Christian teenager. The Christian teen must spend time in regular Bible study and prayer. This is the only way he/she will mature to be the man/woman God wants him/her to be.

Health & Medical: LOST SOULS: The Cycle of ABUSE


Many Americas are NOT free! Child abuse and domestic violence can keep victims in bondage. Controlling, abusive adults can destroy a child's self-confidence and self-worth. Bully and victim behaviors are often learned at home!

Health & Medical: Behind the Schoolhouse Doors

Behind the Schoolhouse Doors

This article was written for parents from a child. I have no intention of revealing people or places, just what disgusting things I have seen come from my peers that clueless parents have no idea about.

Health & Medical: Traditional Kids Summer Camps

Traditional Kids Summer Camps

Sending a child to a summer camp can be very good for him, as it will allow him to experience a certain level of independence, to meet new friends, and to learn.This has made camps very popular, which resulted in the creation of a wide array of camps that both parents and children can choose from.Fo

Health & Medical: Why Should a Play Tent Be Considered for Your Child?

Why Should a Play Tent Be Considered for Your Child?

Electronic video games and computer games seem to be a popular pick these days for toys by and for children. However, it's important to realize that childhood includes the formative years when a child's development of motor skills, mental and social skills emerge through play at this time

Health & Medical: Sorry Kids, It's Expensive

Sorry Kids, It's Expensive

As parents of two, we found ourselves wrestling for financial discipline when it comes to our children. We set up a monthly budget, we try to stick to it but when it comes to our kids, we ignore our common sense and we say yes to the expensive juice at the hockey arena, or to the unhealthy snack at