Law & Legal & Attorney: Payday Regulations

Payday Regulations

Know the laws regarding your in hand image by Bruce MacQueen from Fotolia.comWhen hired at a new job, one of the first questions everyone wants to ask but hesitates to for fear of being improper is “When is payday?” Most people would be surprised to discover that...

Law & Legal & Attorney: Laws in Oregon for Towing a Vehicle a With Tow Strap

Laws in Oregon for Towing a Vehicle a With Tow Strap

Familiarize yourself with the rules for towing in Oregon.Jordan Siemens/Lifesize/Getty ImagesThe Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees the rules and regulations for driving and towing vehicles in that state. Towing can be done using a hitch or tow strap. Some states have...

Law & Legal & Attorney: ADA Height Regulations

ADA Height Regulations

The ADA gives guidelines for accessibility.whee chair image by Lovrencg from Fotolia.comThe Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, was created to ensure reasonable access in public spaces, restaurants, hotels and other areas for people with disabilities. For many Americans, daily life...

Law & Legal & Attorney: Construction Site Safety Regulations

Construction Site Safety Regulations

A construction site is a place that can be full of danger for those working at the site. Not wearing the right protection or just turning the wrong way can result in a serious accident. So, in order to ensure the safety of construction site workers, various safety regulations should be followed.

Law & Legal & Attorney: Cars: California Lemon Law

Cars: California Lemon Law

Every state has a lemon law in place that protects consumers from defective new motor vehicle purchases. While each state's law generally provides similar protections, variances do exist. Examples include period of protection and the compensation process among other things. In California, the laws r

Law & Legal & Attorney: How to Find Records in Volusia County, Florida for a Bail Set in a Capital Crime

How to Find Records in Volusia County, Florida for a Bail Set in a Capital Crime

In most instances, finding records regarding bail set for persons charged with a capital crime in Volusia County, Florida is quite simple. Bail information is generally included in the county's criminal case records. Before requesting the information, it is helpful to know the date of the court case

Law & Legal & Attorney: Alabama Laws on Mandatory Escrow Accounts

Alabama Laws on Mandatory Escrow Accounts

Attorneys who practice law in the state of Alabama and handle client funds are required to establish an escrow account to hold the client's property. As a general matter, client funds are amounts paid to an attorney as a retainer or pre-paid legal fees that the attorney has not yet earned. Alternati

Law & Legal & Attorney: Illinois Asbestos Laws

Illinois Asbestos Laws

Home under demolition or renovation.building image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comIllinois asbestos laws exist to regulate the structural and environmental exposure. Such laws are in place to protect people and their environment, through the proper executions of construction, renovations,...

Law & Legal & Attorney: Raffle Laws in Florida

Raffle Laws in Florida

Florida state laws govern the way nonprofit organizations can operate raffles.raffle tickets image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.comFlorida law regulates the way charitable, nonprofit organizations conduct raffles or other games of chance. The state's statutes regulate the way...

Law & Legal & Attorney: What Are California Rental Laws for First & Last Deposit?

What Are California Rental Laws for First & Last Deposit?

Moving in California can prove to be expensive.apartment for rent image by dead_account from Fotolia.comCalifornia rental laws on first and last months' rent are covered in the Tenants and Landlord Rights and Responsibilities Guide. This is a good resource for those considering renting or...

Law & Legal & Attorney: Different Types of Signs Used in School Nurseries

Different Types of Signs Used in School Nurseries

Using right type of signs in a nursery makes the place safe and well organized for young children. At this age they are not intelligent enough to understand the meaning and importance of signs used ...

Law & Legal & Attorney: Family Lawyer NJ: When You Need Legal Help

Family Lawyer NJ: When You Need Legal Help

Which family lawyer NJ would you believe when you need to discuss an important family matter? A majority of people would opt for the lawyer that offers affordable legal services and has time to discuss ...

Law & Legal & Attorney: California Laws for Wills

California Laws for Wills

Any resident of sound mind is eligible to draft a will in California.Monkey Business Images Ltd/Valueline/Getty ImagesA last will and testament is a legal document that's drafted when owners of physical assets want to designate which of their personal belongings that their relatives,...

Law & Legal & Attorney: Reflective Tape Regulations

Reflective Tape Regulations

This trailer has reflective yellow tape above its rear wheels.semi trailer image by max blain from Fotolia.comThe U.S. Department of Transportation requires that trailer operators display reflective or conspicuity tape on their vehicles. The tape must be at least 2 inches wide. According...

Law & Legal & Attorney: California Child Custody Laws About Moving Away

California Child Custody Laws About Moving Away

California move-away cases are determined based on the best interest of the child.letter to the parents image by Svetlana Kashkina from Fotolia.comMove-away cases involve the shared custody of a minor child in which one parent wants to relocate to a different geographic area and take the...