Health & Medical: How to Hook a Sling to a Hoyer Lift

How to Hook a Sling to a Hoyer Lift

Attaching a sling to a Hoyer lift can be simplified by remembering the phrase, "Far, then near." You work from the parts that are farther away from the patient's head and your body to the parts that are closer to the patient's head and your body. Using a sling with a patient should be similar to pic

Health & Medical: Clinicians Are Talking About Aging Surgeons

Clinicians Are Talking About Aging Surgeons

Is it a knife in the heart to a surgeon to feel that he or she is 'too old' to operate, or is this just the natural end to a distinguished career? Medscape readers' opinions cut both ways.

Health & Medical: Sniffing Out Colorectal Cancer

Sniffing Out Colorectal Cancer

Commentary on a study on screening for colorectal cancer using canine scent detection, published January 2011 in Gut.

Health & Medical: How to Get Dirt Off Velour Clothing

How to Get Dirt Off Velour Clothing

Velour is a less expensive alternative to velvet fabric. The softness and warmth of velour makes it warm in cool weather and comfortable for snuggling up in at the end of the day. While many velour garments can be machine washed on a delicate cycle, if your garment isn't one of them an alternate cle

Health & Medical: Sources of Asbestos

Sources of Asbestos

Asbestos is a material made from silicate and features long crystals resembling fibers. The fibers were used in a variety of products and materials for thousands of years. By the late 1900s, scientists determined the chemicals in asbestos were responsible for lung cancer and mesothelioma. There are

Health & Medical: How to Hang Platelets

How to Hang Platelets

Platelets are one of the various components that make up your blood. Other components include red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma. Platelets are approximately one quarter the size of red blood cells. Proper platelet function causes blood to form clots. Transfusions of platelets via an intr

Health & Medical: Remedy for Frostbite

Remedy for Frostbite

Frostbite is a condition that happens in very cold climates when the extremities, especially the feet, are exposed to extreme cold for prolonged periods of time. Frostbite is classified into three types: frostnip, superficial frostbite and deep frostbite. Frostnip occurs when there is numbness of th

Health & Medical: Behavioral Intervention Techniques

Behavioral Intervention Techniques

Behavioral intervention is when you actively try to change someone's behavior. Behavioral intervention techniques all rely on an underlying theme: creating consequences that encourage positive behavior. The two major angles you can approach this from are either to encourage positive behavior or disc

Health & Medical: Back to the Future

Back to the Future

This article profiles the winners of the Society of Hospital Medicine's annual Research, Innovations, and Clinical Vignettes scientific abstract and poster competition.

Health & Medical: Tips on Detoxifying Your Body

Tips on Detoxifying Your Body

Toxins come in many forms---some can be controlled while others cannot. Just as there are a plethora of diets available for those who want to lose weight, there are almost as many detox plans promising to cleanse your body and give you energy. Before choosing a detox plan, learn as much as you can