Health & Medical: Donation From Old Living Donors

Donation From Old Living Donors

Is living donor transplantation from an older person as safe as deceased transplantion from a younger donor? This new study examines the issues.

Health & Medical: Diet for Bladder Infection

Diet for Bladder Infection

Bladder infections (also called urinary infections or urinary tract infections) are a common condition, especially among pregnant women, the elderly and babies. The symptoms are minor and the condition can be treated relatively easily. If left untreated, a bladder infection can spread into the kidne

Health & Medical: A Wearable Artificial Kidney: Dream or Reality?

A Wearable Artificial Kidney: Dream or Reality?

The idea of a wearable device to perform dialysis is not as far-fetched as it once was. In this article, the authors discuss the clinical, technical and socioeconomic reasons for continuing the push towards the wearable artificial kidney.

Health & Medical: Pathophysiology of Renal Disease

Pathophysiology of Renal Disease

Pathophysiology is defined as functional changes that occur during the course of a disease. Renal disease causes several functional changes to occur in the kidneys. These changes cause serious consequences if renal disease is not treated properly.

Health & Medical: Will New PSA Guidelines Change Practice?

Will New PSA Guidelines Change Practice?

Dr. Gerald Chodak, an early critic of routine PSA tests for all men, discusses a new report from the US Preventive Services Task Force concluding that such routine screening incurs more harm than benefit.

Health & Medical: Products Containing Melamine

Products Containing Melamine

Melamine can be found in fire blankets and fire safety clothing.Fire image by Luke Haverkamp from Fotolia.comMelamine is an organic compound made of hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon. It is used to create a resin found in a variety of products. Since melamine is flame resistant, most of the...

Health & Medical: Guidelines on Managing Anemia in CKD

Guidelines on Managing Anemia in CKD

What do the latest clinical guidelines say about the treatment of anemia in chronic kidney disease? Are there any new therapeutic strategies?

Health & Medical: How to Control Bladder Spasms From UTI

How to Control Bladder Spasms From UTI

According to the "National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse," one in five women will contract a urinary tract infection in their lifetime. Urinary tracts infections develop when bacteria from body is pushed through the urethra and does not filter properly. Men can contract UTIs

Health & Medical: Beginning Symptoms of a UTI in Males

Beginning Symptoms of a UTI in Males

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, stem from a variety of sources, including bacteria in the intestine, sexually transmitted diseases or kidney infections. Recognizing the beginning symptoms of a UTI can help ease the problem quickly.

Health & Medical: Recurrent Bladder Infections

Recurrent Bladder Infections

Bladder infections, or urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be a serious medical problem, and they infect a large portion of the population. UTIs are common in women and can appear as a recurring problem. If you are a person who has recurring UTIs there are measures you can take to maintain your heal

Health & Medical: What Helps Kidney Stones?

What Helps Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are extremely painful. If you know the type of stone you're prone to, you can take measures to prevent future kidney stones from forming. There are several ways to remove the kidney stone if it doesn't pass on its own.

Health & Medical: Bladder Spasms

Bladder Spasms

WebMD explains bladder spasms in children and adults, including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments.