Health & Medical: How to Diagnose Degenerative Joint Disease

How to Diagnose Degenerative Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease is a chronic condition characterized by the wearing down of joint cartilage. Age and stress are factors, according to the Mayo Clinic. Also known as osteoarthritis, this condition can affect your hips, neck, knees, hands and back. Degenerative joint disease gets progressiv

Health & Medical: What Are the Causes of Foraminal Stenosis?

What Are the Causes of Foraminal Stenosis?

Foraminal stenosis is a narrowing or closing of the foramen of the vertebrae of the spine, which can possibly cause pinched nerves. Foramens are the spaces where the nerves of the spinal cord connect to other parts of the body. The possible causes of foraminal stenosis are varied.

Health & Medical: Diets for Muscle Gaining

Diets for Muscle Gaining

What you eat plays a major role in your body composition. If you are looking to gain muscle you need to incorporate a muscle building exercise routine into your life and eat the proper foods to support muscle growth. Protein is the key nutrient needed to gain muscle mass because muscle is made out

Health & Medical: Studies: Cholesterol Drugs Reduce Fracture Risk

Studies: Cholesterol Drugs Reduce Fracture Risk

Two respected medical journals published studies suggesting that the class of cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins may also cut the risk of bone fractures by half.

Health & Medical: Tips For Treating A Broken Toe

Tips For Treating A Broken Toe

If you happen to break your toe, you should first see your doctor to insure that the injury can be healed at home and will not require toe surgery. For the majority of broken toe injuries, a doctor will rarely cast the toe or even suggest a corrective surgery. However; this does not mean that the br

Health & Medical: What If I Wake Up During Surgery?

What If I Wake Up During Surgery?

Awareness during general anesthesia is a common concern for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery. Learn about this risk of surgery.

Health & Medical: Osteoporosis-Topic Overview

Osteoporosis-Topic Overview

Osteoporosis is a progressive disease that causes bones to become thin and brittle, making them more likely to break.

Health & Medical: Tricks for Waking Up

Tricks for Waking Up

The alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m., and you hit the snooze button. This cycle continues through 5:15, 5:30, 5:45 and 6:00; only for you to finally roll out of bed knowing that you're going to be late. It's not the best start to the day, but fortunately, there are ways to train yourself out of it. Here

Health & Medical: How to Determine Packed Cell Volume

How to Determine Packed Cell Volume

Packed cell volume, or hematocrit, reflects the volume of red blood cells in a given volume of blood. The red blood cells are separated from the blood sample via centrifugation, measured, and reported as a percentage of the original blood sample. Results show the average amount of circulating red

Health & Medical: What Is the Definition of Sperm Cell?

What Is the Definition of Sperm Cell?

Sperm cells are an important part of the male’s reproductive development. They allow the male’s DNA and genes to travel to the female egg during the initial fertilization.

Health & Medical: Bone Marrow Disease

Bone Marrow Disease

Bone marrow is located inside many of the bones, such as the thigh and hip bones. It is spongy tissue that contains stem cells. These stem cells develop into platelets, white and read blood cells. Platelets help the blood clot. The white blood cells (WBC) fight infections and the red blood cells (RB

Health & Medical: What Is Sternocleidomastoid?

What Is Sternocleidomastoid?

Most people are unaware of the complex web of multiple muscles in the neck. There are many small muscles that assist in neck function, but one of the major movers is the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

Health & Medical: Nail Fungus - The Symptoms And Treatment Options

Nail Fungus - The Symptoms And Treatment Options

Nail fungus is a persistent and ongoing condition. You can get this infection due to a fungus named onychomycosis. It is often found in people who visit unrestricted places like gyms, swimming pools or else shower rooms. Furthermore, people who are prone to excessive perspiration are also at risk of

Health & Medical: Definitions of a Cell

Definitions of a Cell

What is life? How does life work? These questions have been pondered by people for thousands of years and perhaps even millions of years. But the search for answers has gotten more and more sophisticated over time and has ultimately lead to the discovery and analysis of the most basic unit of life: