Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Tang Poetry

Tang Poetry

In Chinese culture,many people love poetry quite much,so do I.I like Tang poetry quite much.When I read them quietly,I will think a lot of things.It seems that they make me be in a relaxed artistic co

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: May 2011 Book Releases

May 2011 Book Releases

Short stories from Julian Barnes, a new novel by Lisa See, and travel writing from the master of the genre, Paul Theroux, are just a few of the joys that take us into Summer reading.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: This Week: New Paperbacks

This Week: New Paperbacks

This Week's New Paperbacks (Jan. 21-28, 2013): New paperback releases in science-fiction and fantasy, including novels, anthologies, biographies, and analysis.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Brother Best Man Speeches -Wedding Speeches

Brother Best Man Speeches -Wedding Speeches

Weddings are a perfect time for the bride and the groom to share their happiness with their family, relatives, and friends. To celebrate their joys further, a wedding reception is traditionally held a

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: 5 Questions With Requiem

5 Questions With Requiem

Every week we feature a new or upcoming band in 5 Questions With. This week, Requiem are in the spotlight.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: The Wild Things

The Wild Things

'The Wild Things' is a novelized version of 'Where the Wild Things Are,' Maurice Sendak's wonderfully captivating children's book about a young boy, who after being sent to his room for making "mischief of one sort and another," sails off into the world of ima

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Is Craft Really Art?

Is Craft Really Art?

A discussion on the value of craft as opposed to art. Showing how solving a problem can enhance creativity and make the resulting work more enjoyable.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: The Sight Booming Sky Lanterns

The Sight Booming Sky Lanterns

Chinese lanterns tend to be the best way to end an event with a boom, spotlight fireworks, or commemorate special events. They are also called 'flying lanterns', as well as 'sky lanterns'. These are t

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: New Heavy Metal Album Reviews: May 21, 2013

New Heavy Metal Album Reviews: May 21, 2013

Reviews of new heavy metal CDs from Burning Rain, Enshine, Extrema, Fact, For The Broken, Gaytheist, Hybrid, Masteroid, Negator, The Poodles, Satan, Svart Crown, Thinning The Herd and Zed.

Society & Culture  & Entertainment: Gary Roland Welch

Gary Roland Welch

Gary Welch attempted suicide three weeks before his execution. Some believe it was an attempt to make it appear that he was too mentally ill to execute. But based on his last words, he was anxious to "slay the beast". Read on, you'll see what it means.