Travel & Places: Rewarding Myself with a Holiday to Barbados

Rewarding Myself with a Holiday to Barbados

With gorgeous scenery praised by all who visit, Barbados will be my ultimate reward after four long years of non-stop hard working and career ladder climbing. I've planned my next Barbados ho

Travel & Places: Educatinal tour in Nepal

Educatinal tour in Nepal

Himalayan Yetiland Treks and expedition organize Educational Tour in Nepal.

Travel & Places: Cheap accommodation gold coast romantic weekend away

Cheap accommodation gold coast romantic weekend away

The gold coast is a popular holiday for friends and family alike, but it has also become quite popular for students for studying as well. There are a number of impressive colleges that they can ...

Travel & Places: Nepal - mini Switzerland

Nepal - mini Switzerland

Hello there, Just back from a wonderful holiday to the land of mountains and clouds. Nepal is so beautiful.... I explored Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan and am back completely rejuvenated, energetic a

Travel & Places: Martha's Vineyard Car Rental

Martha's Vineyard Car Rental

Browse places to rent cool cars on Martha's Vineyard. Choose between fun in the sun Jeeps, sporty Mini Coopers, convertible Mustangs and even minivans. There are rental agencies at the airport and in Oak Bluffs, Edgartown and Vineyard Haven.

Travel & Places: Clarens Cosmos - A Fairy Tale Experience

Clarens Cosmos - A Fairy Tale Experience

April in Clarens and the Eastern Free State is definitely the prettiest month of the year. Adele Steyn gives her impressions of this lovely, chaotic kaleidoscope of colours that only occurs during April.

Travel & Places: The Best Budget Trip

The Best Budget Trip

Vacations are always a blast. The hard part is finding a destination that is fun and exciting that fits your budget.

Travel & Places: Uganda - Gorilla Trekking Experience

Uganda - Gorilla Trekking Experience

Uganda, also referred to as the Pearl of Africa is a unique small country located in East Africa. After a 15 year cycle of dictatorship and war by Idi Amin after independence, the current government has shown a remarkable recovery and great recognition in Africa and the world.

Travel & Places: Malta Offers Activity Breaks

Malta Offers Activity Breaks

Malta is a great destination for families or individuals seeking more from their holiday. This small island has the best in culture, more history that most European places and a wealth of sporting activities to enjoy.

Travel & Places: Selous, Tanzania - Remote and Unspoiled

Selous, Tanzania - Remote and Unspoiled

If you are looking for a way out time, you may want to consider Selous in Tanzania for your next travel safari. And, by way out we mean way out! This region is one of the most remote areas in Africa and as such has some of the most unspoiled terrain that is home to a serious amount of animal species

Travel & Places: Trips to Rome

Trips to Rome

A major city for over two and a half millennia, Rome has more history than most. As well as its mighty past and stunning historic centre (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the city is a hub for clubbing,

Travel & Places: Carlsbad - A Land of Attractions

Carlsbad - A Land of Attractions

Carlsbad is considered as one of the best tourist destinations known for several beautiful beaches, shopping centers and world-class resorts. This online guide helps you to find some vital information about the fascinating land of Carlsbad.

Travel & Places: Exploring West Devon

Exploring West Devon

The attractive bustling market town of Tavistock is without doubt the best place to base oneself when spending a day or two touring West Devon. Here you are smack in the middle between the Western fri

Travel & Places: Where to Stay in Budapest

Where to Stay in Budapest

Central Budapest is not a concrete jungle but an Architectural delight. Go too cheap and you take the risk of finding yourself outside Budapest City, the money you save will be spent on taxi fares, and your precious time will be spent travelling back and forth.

Travel & Places: The Natural Beauty of Laguna Beach

The Natural Beauty of Laguna Beach

If you are someone who loves nature and enjoys your surroundings, then you will never run out of things to do in Laguna Beach.