Travel & Places: How to Clean Aluminum Stains

How to Clean Aluminum Stains

Aluminum is used in everything from soda pop cans to cookware to boat hulls. Compared to other metals like stainless steel and iron, aluminum is soft, malleable and low maintenance. Over time, aluminum surfaces can accumulate hard-water residue, rust stains and other stubborn grime. As most metal st

Travel & Places: Binocular Strap Harness

Binocular Strap Harness

It's a little frustrating that when you buy a beautiful, expensive, name brand pair of optics that they don't come with the ever-so-necessary attachment of a binocular strap harness. Instead, you are given something that ...

Travel & Places: Diving in Currents

Diving in Currents

After living in Fiji and diving professionally in a lot of current here, here are a few basic tips to ease your mind, increase your comfort, and decrease your air consumption! This is important in the main dive areas of Fiji, Taveuni, Kadavu and Vatu-i-Ra.

Travel & Places: Think Thin And Start Losing Weight Today

Think Thin And Start Losing Weight Today

You have ¦eard many other people ive their input regarding weig¦t loss, but it is time that you lean about it and become an expert on yor ow. While this may requie an extra commitment, ...

Travel & Places: How to Cut a Notch in a Boat Transom

How to Cut a Notch in a Boat Transom

You may need to cut a notch in a boat transom if you plan to run an auxiliary outboard--the notch will serve as the mounting point for the extra outboard. If your boat has a fiberglass transom, you will need to do a bit of fiberglass work in addition to cutting the notch. If the boat is wooden, then

Travel & Places: Things You Need to Know when You Go for Camping

Things You Need to Know when You Go for Camping

Complete preparation is must for camping. Suddenly weather can change anytime. In such case, if you are not preparing with some waterproof clothes then you can be in a big problems. This article is to ...

Travel & Places: Essay on The Wilderness

Essay on The Wilderness

All wildernesses are different and immense pleasure can be gained by climbing a mountain, or kayaking the Puget Sound, even going bird watching. The wilderness is full of variety. How people can become bored of it, I do not comprehend. It can be dry or wet, hot or cold, full or empty, vivid or dull,

Travel & Places: Why use Cycle Lights?

Why use Cycle Lights?

Cycle Lights - A Brief History The earliest cycle lights were Carbide lamps which were powered by acetylene gas, produced by calcium carbide combined with water. Although the lamps required regular maintenance they were very ...

Travel & Places: Bamburgh: A Place to Go!

Bamburgh: A Place to Go!

I had no idea that it could be so mesmerizing, before visiting Bambugh. A friend of mine insisted a lot to visit Bamburgh, for that, I am thankful. You can't help admiring the stunning beauty of that part of the earth.

Travel & Places: Los Angeles: City Of Angels

Los Angeles: City Of Angels

The word Los” in Spanish means city, so Los Angeles in Spanish means city of Angels. Los Angeles, or LA as it is popularly called, is one of the top tourist destinations. It is part of Southern California and famous for its beaches. The weather of the city is neither too hot nor too col

Travel & Places: Char Dham Yatra- A Best Way To Close With God

Char Dham Yatra- A Best Way To Close With God

Char Dham refers to the four most holy Hindu pilgrimage of India locates in stunning Himalayas. Yamunotri, Gangotri, Sri Kedarnathji and Shri Badrinath Ji, collectively referred to as the Char Dham.

Travel & Places: Bhopal - A City To Remember

Bhopal - A City To Remember

Whenever we talk abou Bhopal, the first thing that comes to mind is the world’s worst ever industrial disaster - a gas tragedy that the city of Bhopal faced in December 1984. The toxic gas that leaked from the Union Carbide factory claimed some 5,000 lives; the wounds of which are still afresh

Travel & Places: Casablanca Beach Resort - Great Value for Money in Goa

Casablanca Beach Resort - Great Value for Money in Goa

Goa, almost synonymous with the sea, is a paradise for beach lovers. Each year it attracts tourists from around the globe in multitudes. Plainly the beach is what attracts everyone and the numerous beach resorts in Goa earn an instant thumbs-up for the services that they provide.

Travel & Places: Colorado Wedding

Colorado Wedding

Aspen Canyon Ranch does Colorado weddings, and they do them well. If you’re looking for a memorable one of a kind wedding, look no further. Whether you spend a small amount of time with us or a longer time, we want it to be the best time of your life. Aspen Canyon Ranch is the best at what we