Travel & Places: How to Make Chimes & Gongs

How to Make Chimes & Gongs

Wind chimes and bronze gongs make lovely sounds. Wind chimes also make nice decorator accents in the garden while a gong looks exotic when displayed in the home. While both items are easy enough to find in stores and online, you can also make your own, but expect it to be more expensive. Likewise, i

Travel & Places: How to Compete Fishing Using a Point System

How to Compete Fishing Using a Point System

The hobby and sport of fishing is fun on its own, but adding a mix of exciting competition can bring on even more entertainment. With a universal point system, you can compete fishing on a lake, pond, river or even the ocean.

Travel & Places: Colorado Trout Fishing Regulations

Colorado Trout Fishing Regulations

Colorado regulations dictate that you may fish year round for trout, during the daytime and the nighttime using any methods deemed legal, unless specific waters have other regulations concerning them. Among the trout that inhabit the lakes, ponds, and flowing waterways of Colorado are the...

Travel & Places: Definition for Abattoirs

Definition for Abattoirs

Abattoir is the French name for what is commonly known as a slaughterhouse in the United States and much of the English speaking world. A slaughterhouse is a place where animals are butchered for food; it is a gruesome, but necessary, part of the modern human food chain, though criticisms of slaught

Travel & Places: How to Make Your Moshi Monster Fly Higher

How to Make Your Moshi Monster Fly Higher

"Moshi Monsters" is a family-friendly social networking site that allows you to create an avatar, called Moshi. There are several types of Moshi monsters, but only a select few can fly. If you've already got a Moshi that can fly, you can do some things to make him fly higher. The change do

Travel & Places: How to Put a Line on a Fly Rod

How to Put a Line on a Fly Rod

Rigging a fly line is just as important as selecting the correct fly to present to a trout. However, this is also one part of fly fishing that tends to turn people away from the sport. The lines and knots associated with putting a line on a fly rod can seem intimidating. The truth is that rigging a

Travel & Places: Definition of Sea Cucumber

Definition of Sea Cucumber

According to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, a sea cucumber is a marine animal with an elongated cylindrical body, like the vegetable with the matching name. Sea cucumbers come from the same phylum (Echinodermata) as starfish and sea urchins, although they do not resemble these creatures closely. Natio

Travel & Places: How to Cure Jig Heads

How to Cure Jig Heads

The coloring of your jig head has a direct effect on your fishing effectiveness. Cracked and chipped paint removes the jig's coloring and makes it less visible underwater. You can ensure that your jig's paint bonds with the surface of the jig and reduce the likelihood of chipping through the curing

Travel & Places: Places to Go Crab Fishing

Places to Go Crab Fishing

Crabbing is an outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy. Kids love the challenge of catching them, and many people love the delicate meat of the crab. If you live near the saltwater, crabbing is a fine and inexpensive way to spend the day.

Travel & Places: Types of Crappie Fish

Types of Crappie Fish

Crappies are a freshwater fish found in thousands of lakes in the United States and Canada. The crappie comes in two types: the white and black crappie. The two species can be commonly found in the same waters. Crappies are a game fish sought after by anglers not only for sport, but also for the din

Travel & Places: The Extinct Carcharodon Megalodon Shark

The Extinct Carcharodon Megalodon Shark

Carcharodon megalodon is an extinct shark species that inhabited warm waters around Australia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia -- and possibly elsewhere -- between 2 and 20 million years ago. Carcharodon megalodon is related to some modern sharks; such as the great white shark, wh

Travel & Places: Hawaiian Saltwater Fish Identification

Hawaiian Saltwater Fish Identification

The rich tropical waters off Hawaii's coast are home to hundreds of fish species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Identifying Hawaii's many fish can be a daunting task, but becoming familiar with some major fish groups is a good start.

Travel & Places: How to Work the Banjo Minnow

How to Work the Banjo Minnow

The banjo minnow is a specially designed lure that resembles an injured bait fish when properly utilized. The banjo minnow needs to be brought back to the angler with particular motions to be at its most effective, as it will actually look like a swimming fish when it is worked the right way.

Travel & Places: How to Make My Own Texas Rig Worm Weight

How to Make My Own Texas Rig Worm Weight

A Texas rig is comprised of a bullet-shaped weight on the line above a specialized bait-hook. The bullet-shaped weight slides freely along the line, or is pegged with a toothpick to hold it in place. Bullet weights are available from various sporting goods and tackle shops. An angler might prefer to

Travel & Places: Cod Fishing in Massachusetts

Cod Fishing in Massachusetts

Part of the Massachusetts state seal, cod was first farmed by English colonists and continues to be an important economic industry to the state.

Travel & Places: Deep Sea Fishing in Bar Harbor, Maine

Deep Sea Fishing in Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, the coastal fishing town, is situated on Mount Desert Island off the southern coast of Maine. Deep sea fishing in the Atlantic Ocean is accessible from piers located throughout the area.

Travel & Places: How to Catch Grouper Fish

How to Catch Grouper Fish

Catching Grouper fish species is easiest the in warm, deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There's as many grouper fish species as there are ways to catch them, however a few distinct techniques have been proven time and time again. This will give you an easy way to catch Grouper while fishing onshore

Travel & Places: DIY Fishing Nets

DIY Fishing Nets

Fishing nets are expensive to buy and costly to fix. If you are an avid fisherman or just an occasional camper who enjoys practicing survival skills, a fishing net is a must. Fishermen use a net to steady a large fish caught and fighting on a rod and for bringing in larger quantities of fish. Camper