Home & Garden: Annual Vines With Edible Seeds Trees & Houseplants

Annual Vines With Edible Seeds

Annual vines are among the best landscaping option for covering trellises, patios and porches. The plants are also ideal for covering unsightly fences and walls. Annual vines generally have a very rapid growth rate and produce prolific blooms during summer. Annual vines that produce...

Home & Garden: Concrete Pouring Instructions Architecture

Concrete Pouring Instructions

Concrete, a common construction material with high compressive strength, has the ability to endure over long periods of time under the most adverse conditions. It makes the logical choice for many outdoor construction projects such as decks and walkways. Although most people would consider pouring c

Home & Garden: How to Install Cedar Cladding Maintenance & Repairs

How to Install Cedar Cladding

Whether you are building a new house or remodeling an existing one, the installation of cladding is one final step in the process. Cedar wood is a good choice for siding material; it is an attractive, durable product that also features resistance to rot and insects. Installing cedar cladding to a ho

Home & Garden: Treating Hard Water Problems Home Improvement

Treating Hard Water Problems

There are many different home-improvement projects that arise during ownership, and solving hard-water problems is often high on the list for homeowners in areas affected by the substance. It is estimated that nearly 85% of homes in the U.S. are affected by hard water.Although it does not pose healt

Home & Garden: Home Security Products Review Personal Safety & Security

Home Security Products Review

When it comes to security issues, it is recommendable that you consult with experts in the field as you consider the many types of home security products that you can buy. They should help you understand the features that come alongside these products and how you can best utilize them for maximum pr

Home & Garden: Are Elm Tree Leaves Simple or Compound? Trees & Houseplants

Are Elm Tree Leaves Simple or Compound?

Elm trees (Ulmus spp.) were a common site in American landscapes in the early 20th century, when nearly every street in suburban towns had an elm tree. Elm trees come in a large variety, native to Asia, Europe or North America. Though Dutch elm disease killed many stately elms by the mid-1900s, the

Home & Garden: How to Install a Rail Spike Architecture

How to Install a Rail Spike

Model railroads are often small-scale projects for a child or a railroad hobby enthusiast. They can also be elaborate, large-scale projects that can take up an entire room if the space is available. Each piece of a model railroad is designed to mimic a life-size rail system down to its smallest item

Home & Garden: How to Clean & Maintain Terrazzo Floors Cleaning & Laundry

How to Clean & Maintain Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors are made with marble and Portland cement, according to the University of Florida Extension. They are easy to care for since the marble part---which makes up the majority of the surface you walk on---is non-absorbent. The cement part is the only material that absorbs stains. Care for

Home & Garden: Making a Shed - Important Things to Consider DIY

Making a Shed - Important Things to Consider

There are a few important details to consider when you are making a shed. To start with, it is usually in your best interest to check with the local government to see what structure sizes will require a building permit. If your planned shed size is on the borderline, you may be able to use a slightl

Home & Garden: Choosing the Right Kind of Shower Enclosure Furniture

Choosing the Right Kind of Shower Enclosure

When it comes to selecting shower enclosures for your home, you will find there are a wide range of products available. But while the choice may at first be a little overwhelming, you can be confident that you can get something suitable for you.