Travel & Places: Cabo San Lucas Hotels Hotels & Lodging

Cabo San Lucas Hotels

Cabo San Lucas was very exclusive to the very rich and powerful back in the time when it can only be reached via water or air. It was then that the first Cabo hotel, Las Cruces Hotel on the East Cape, was built by the affluent forerunners. Through the years however, a highway was constructed and the

Travel & Places: How Rising Bollards Work United States

How Rising Bollards Work

Raising and loweringBollards are above-ground obstructions used to control vehicular entry to particular traffic corridors or geographic areas. They are embedded in the ground, and raise and lower hydraulically, either automatically or at the instruction of an operator. Bollards...

Travel & Places: Kohn Samui’s beaches Travel Knowledge

Kohn Samui’s beaches

Like many islands of this area of the world, Kohn Samui is famed for its luxurious beaches white sands and crystal clear seas. This article looks at many of the islands beaches, for those on ...

Travel & Places: Goa Festivals Tour Travel Knowledge

Goa Festivals Tour

Goan or Goa state is located in west coast of the Indian country territory. Goa state border two side touch with Karnataka and Maharastra states but one side long border touches with Arabic sea.